Tam Dao – a cool place to travel in summer


Tam Dao is the ideal tourist destination for summer holiday located about 80 kilometers from Hanoi. The name “Tam Dao” means Three Islands which is very cool places at mor than 900 metters above sea level.

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According to many people, Tam Dao is a miniature of Sapa with fresh cool air, mist and romantic scenery. Especially, the weather here is very pleasant, cool and extensive green that  can help visitors find their truly relaxing time  after busy working days , and the scene here is very suitable for wedding photography

The average temperature of 20 to 220 C helps Tam Dao become a favourite place to escape the summer heat.

1. How to get there?

If you drive from Hanoi, follow the highway that leads to Noi Bai airport. As you pass the toll just before the airport, turn left to highway 2. Then turn right to Highway 2B and follow the street sign that points to Tam Dao as you reach Vinh Yen.

The other way is contact one of the prestigious travel agent. They have a daily Tam Dao tour and run the shuttle bus from Hanoi in the morning and leave Tam Dao at 4 – 5 pm.

If you are adventuros, let’s visit Tam Dao by motorbike.  Depart from Hanoi, go straight ahead towards Noi Bai airport and turn left towards Vinh Phuc and Vinh Yen just after passing the toll booths. Then turn right up to Tam Dao from Vinh Yen and follow the road.

Tam Dao – a cool place to travel in summer

2. What to see

This cool place is well-known with some famous tourist destinations below :

Tam Dao National Park covers an area of 36,883 hectares, including more than 23,000 hectares of forests. It extends 80 km in the northwest and southeast direction, bordering the provinces of Thai Nguyen, Tuyen Quang and Vinh Phuc. The park is 70 km far from Hanoi.

The full name is Tam Dao Tinh Vien Van Son, was built in 2009. The distance is 9km (5miles) from Tam Dao town, on the route from Hanoi -Tam Dao. The pagoda has very beautiful view, you can also take overnight here, very nice & peaceful.

The tower with 93m (270ft) height, is located on the peak of Thien Nhi mountain – 1400m (4600ft) high. Way up to mountain is quite hard but romantic with many kinds of flower: Orchid, Cuc quy and many other wildflowers.Treking up here, you can open your view to stunning surrounding areas of clouds, mountains, forests & villages.

3. Specialities

There are some famous dishes in Tam Dao as :

Chayote (Su su)

Su su is the most famous specialty of Tam Dao, you can see this vegetable planted at everywhere. They cover large area on mountainsides, at front of houses, in 2 sides of road into the town… Chayote at here is always green and has good resistance. People never use pesticides so they’re very clean and tasty.

Chayote can be cooked into many dishes: chayote tops are fried with beef or garlic, the fruit can be boiled and eaten with sesame or fish sauce-chili+garlic…

Tam Dao – a cool place to travel in summer

Hill chicken

Hill chicken is fed manually (on hillsides) so the meat is solid and very tasty. Hill chicken can be cooked into many dishes: fried with salt, stewed, baked,…

Man pig (lợn mán)

Man pig is also fed manually so very tasty meat. If you travel big group, about 10 people, you can book 1 pig from 6-8kg  with price about $15 for 1kg. From 1 pig, they will cook into all dishes as possible: fried, stewed, baked,… They can also organize for your group a campfire party.

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